Important Information

Conference sessions
All conference sessions will be held at the 
Great Wolf Lodge 
150 Tom Hall Parkway
LaGrange, GA 30240

Conference attire
Business casual attire is appropriate for conference sessions and casual attire is fine for evening events.  Shorts/capris are appropriate for both evening events.  Governor's Luncheon is coat & tie.  Remember to bring a sweater or light jacket as meeting rooms can be chilly. 

Admission to events
All who attend the Governor's Tourism Conference sessions and events must be registered for the conference.

Your conference name badge must be worn for admission to all sessions, meal functions and social events.  You will receive your name badge at registration.

Courtesy Policy
The success of the Georgia Governor’s Tourism Conference, as with any conference, is dependent on the hard work and involvement of many individuals: the host community; the volunteers who serve on the program committee to develop relevant and interesting seminars; the moderators and speakers, many of whom contribute their time and expertise without payment; the sponsors who invest large amounts of time and money in hosting various aspects of the conference; and, of course, the conference attendees themselves.  To ensure a positive experience for everyone, we offer the following suggestions:  

  • Be on time for seminar sessions and events.
  • Provide speakers and presenters with your undivided attention. Limiting unnecessary conversation during presentations shows your appreciation for their efforts and is a courtesy to those seated near you.
  • Remember to turn off cellular phones or set to vibration mode prior to entering a session or meal function.
  • Please turn off all laptop and tablet devices unless taking session notes.
  • Attend all sponsored events. As a courtesy to our sponsors and in appreciation for their support, you are asked NOT to accept ANY invitation from anyone that conflicts with a sponsored event.